Finished! Kind of!

Finally finished. I mean still have to edit but its done!!! Taking a break before I have to tear it apart. 😴😴😴😊😍 #amwriting 


Why I write

To me, books are an escape. I didn’t have the best childhood so I read books and wrote stories to escape what was going on around me. Or to cope. I could run off to have adventures and experience all the things I wasn’t allowed to as a kid. It’s something that still helps me to this day. When I’m depressed or anxious or irritated I turn to books to get out of my head for a little while.

I want to be able to give that to someone else. Give them somewhere they can go leaving their world far behind and dance, laugh, celebrate even cry with the characters I create. I want to give readers the escape and comfort so many books have given and continue to give to me. If one person tells me they loved what I wrote or my book helped them in some way, the days of planning, outlining, endless hours of writing and editing is all worth it.

Chapter 1

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Moon Investigations



Does she always have to smell like cat urine? I get it we’re witches. We love cats. But we should also love things like showering, buying kitty litter and lint brushes to brush the cat hair from our clothes before we come to someone’s office. Miss. Pepper sat across from me in a pink cat sweater with the matching sweatpants. Her salt and pepper hair was pulled into a bun so tight the creases that riddled her face from our last meeting were almost non-existent. I had finally finished her case. Now she just needed to give me my final payment so I could close out her file.

“Thank you so much,” said Miss Pepper sliding a check covered in cats across my desk.

“You’re very welcome,” I said accepting it with a smile. She has a serious problem.

And why did Miss Pepper hire a private investigator? To find her cat of course.  It wasn’t as much of a waste of time as it sounds.

Purrdiful (yes that was the cat’s name) was a shapeshifting cat that shifted into her human form and left home without telling Miss. Pepper where she was going. Apparently, Purrdiful was okay with being one of her cats at first. Back when there were only five of them. But after Miss Pepper brought home the forty-fifth cat, Purrdiful couldn’t take it anymore. Wanting to make sure she was okay, Miss. Pepper contacted me to check on her.

Purrdiful was fine of course. She just needed a break from Miss. Pepper, her overbearing ways and the forty-five cats in a two-story home situation. Completely understandable I think.

“If you don’t hear from her in a couple of weeks come back. I’ll talk to her and see if she’s changed her mind,” I said as she got up to leave.

She gave me a big smile and a nod before exiting the room and closing the door behind her. I leaned back in my big brown chair, stared at the different colored cat hair all over the empty chair in front of me and sighed. Maybe I should get leather chairs. They would be easier to clean especially with the assortment of people that come in looking for a Private Investigator. This week it’s cat hair last week it was a goblin looking for some treasure he had stashed somewhere but was too high at the time to remember. He smelled of sewage and rotted… something. It took me days to get that smell out of my small office only to have it replaced with cat urine. Before that, I had to get the chair replaced because a Firebird was very upset his wife was cheating on him and burned a hole through it. But business is business I guess.

The office space is small. One room and a bathroom. But my name is on the door so it’s enough. Nell Sterling, my landlady, gave me a discount because I also rent an apartment on the third floor, so, the rent is combined. And I’m not the only one with an office on the first floor.

Margaret the fortune teller is in the office across from me. She’s not very good. Nothing’s she’s ever told me has come true. There are ten offices in all but only half are occupied. Spell n’ Things is next door. Then there are two other mystery offices. I’ve never seen who runs them but Nell assures me they are occupied. Maybe it’s dark magic or maybe it’s a vampire matchmaker. I’ve seen one in the building before. Vampire, not a matchmaker. He was pale of course with red eyes. He paid no attention to me before getting off on the second floor. Too busy reading some romance novel while carrying a vat of blood.

I opened a window before taking Miss. Pepper’s file and putting it away. The smell from Mrs. Lin’s Chinese take-out filled the room. A thud from above shook the ceiling. Specks of white dust landed on my desk and in my hair. After another loud bang and more dust, I heard glass breaking. I marched up the stairs and knocked on the door of the apartment right above my office. My landlady Mrs. Sterling opened the door dressed in a bright green robe with black diamonds on the sleeves. She ran back in her apartment before I could say anything.

For an elf, she’s nothing like what you’d imagine. She just looks like one. Pointy ears, long silver hair, and sharp features. She’s not happy nor helpful. Instead, she’s easily annoyed, spiteful, and forgetful. But Starview Apartments had the cheapest rent in the city so what are you going to do.

I stepped in cautiously. The hallway from the door to the living room was quiet. I could hear faint talking and a light squeaking as I rounded the corner.

“Mrs. Sterling, what’s will all that noise?” I asked moving slowly through her apartment. I came to a hallway with three doors. One was open at the end. “Mrs. Sterling?”

I could hear voices coming from the room with the opened door as I inched closer. My head slammed against the wall as Mrs. Sterling ran out of the room. She shut the door behind her.

“What are you doing here? Who let you in?” she asked red-faced.

“You did!” I yelled picking myself up. The back of my head left a dent in her wall.

“That’s coming out of your rent,” she said as she inspected it.

“Seriously? If you hadn’t pushed me it wouldn’t have happened.”

“Well you shouldn’t have been in here,” she said moving passed me and going into the kitchen.

“You let me in,” I said as I followed her.

“What do you want anyway?” she asked. She left the kitchen and sat on the sofa in the living room.

“I heard a loud bang. I came to check on you,” I answered standing in the hallway near the door.

“And instead you ruined my wall,” she said turning on the TV.

It clicked on. A reporter recounted the events of a raid the night before. Mrs. Sterling leaned forward, completely engulfed in the images on the screen.

Some of the revolutionaries have been captured and are being interrogated…

“Get out!” yelled Mrs. Sterling as she ran passed me. I heard a door slam on the other side of the kitchen before I exited her apartment.

I wonder what about the revolutionaries set her off. Or why she would even care. People lived on Crystal Lake because they wanted a relatively peaceful life. Away from what’s happening on the main islands. A war was brewing between the rulers of the main island. On top of that, there was a revolutionary army rising to destroy the rulers. There are five main islands each with its own ruler. People come to Crystal Lake to get away from the mess as we are a democracy. A crappy one but I’d take crappy over being ruled by an Empress who killed her entire family just so she could sit on the throne or a ruler who had his wife killed and sold his daughter to slavers south of Niarus, the fire island. Allegedly of course. Crappy democracy is better than no democracy I guess.


I closed the door behind me and headed down the hallway to the stairs.


I turned around and saw Marla, one of my neighbors.

“Hey, Mar,” I said meeting her halfway between the top of the stairs and her apartment. I met Marla the first day I moved in. She helped me carry some of my things to the third floor and we’ve been somewhat friends ever since. I wouldn’t call us besties but we talk whenever we run into each other.

“How’s the business going?’ she asked shifting her laundry basket to her other hip.

“Pretty good. I just finished with a client,” I answered. “Still teaching?’

“Yeah! It’s not bad. I was worried at first because I was expecting older kids. But second grade is okay when you can get them to focus,” she answered.

“What do you teach? I asked.

“Water magic,” Marla answered. “It’s tricky because most of them haven’t gotten their powers yet so it’s more of a review. What happens? The types of powers and how to wield them correctly. And how you shouldn’t hurt anyone with them unless you have too. I don’t think they fully understand that part yet.”

“Yeah, they might be too young for that. Why teach them about that so early?” I asked. When I was younger we didn’t learn how to wield our powers until we were in middle school. Some wait until high school.

“Kids are getting their powers early now. There’s a kid at the school who is a dragon. Some kid was picking on him and fire came shooting out of his mouth right at the boy,” she said.

“Guessing he doesn’t get picked on anymore,” I said smiling.

“Yeah but now he’s more of a bully,” she answered. She set her basket on the floor between her legs.

“There should be a school for that. You get them early this is where you go,” I said moving back towards the stairs.

“There is Sanctum. But so many are starting early I don’t think they could house everyone and with everything happening on Haven, good luck getting to it.”

“Shame. Well, I got to get back,” I said.

“Okay talk to you later.” Marla picked up her basket and headed back towards her apartment.

I went back to my office to find the door open and someone sitting in the cat fur chair.